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Home > Blog subcategories > What's Happening > Split Film Festival Goes Beyond Box-Offices
Split Film Festival shows films you won't see in commercial cinemas Split Film Festival shows films you won't see in commercial cinemas SFF

Split Film Festival Goes Beyond Box-Offices

Written by  Wednesday, 21.8.2013. 17:24:39

Responsibility/Optimism/Tolerance will be the motto of 18th Split Film Festival that will take place on different venues September 14-21. Dubbed as an International Festival of New Film, SFF is the oldest international film event in Croatia. This year 34 feature films will be shown, 48 short-features and one TV mini series. Most of them have participated in respected festivals around the world, and since they are far from commercial cinematography, it will be hard to see them anywhere else but at an event like this.

The program is divided into eight sections, details are available here, and beside film projections, a string of workshops, presentations and lectures will be held. Also, an international jury will decide about the best film in each category of this year's festival.

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Ivica Profaca

It's been about 25 years since Ivica entered the world of media, and in that time he has worked with dozens of radio stations, daily newspapers, magazines, news portals, etc. As a war reporter he covered fighting in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, as well as international peacekeeping efforts, including the signing ceremony of the Dayton agreement in Paris, France, and the International conference on Bosnia-Herzegovina in London, UK. Ivica has also covered many major international events, such as the 50th anniversaries of D-Day in Normandy, France and UN founding in New York, USA, as well as the NATO Summit in Washington, DC in 1999. Ivica has been working for 17 years as a reporter, investigative journalist, editor and bureau chief in major Croatian dailies Slobodna Dalmacija and Jutarnji list. In 2010. he turned to freelance writing, with regular contributions in business daily Poslovni dnevnik, Večernji List, the Croatian edition of Playboy magazine, news portal Dalmacija News and Montenegrin daily Pobjeda.

Born and raised in Split, educated in social sciences and granted with US based Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships, Ivica is strongly connected with his city and Dalmatian region, and its history, culture, politics and economics. Ivica believes Split is the near perfect place to live in, and as a dedicated biker, swimmer, sea-lover and culture-goer he is trying to enjoy every part of its 17 century old heritage and beauty.

Contact Ivica on with any Split events, insider news or invitations.

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