Nine years ago I went to visit a British friend in Supetar, who had a real estate agency, and we talked about some cooperation agreement. Also in the office was an English lady called Alison who was just setting up a property management company. Although she spoke no Croatian and did not know much about Croatian property, she had taken the decision because she could not find anyone to manage her properties on Brac and Ciovo.

I was struck back then by her organisation and sheer determination to establish the business and make it succeed. We have been friends since, meeting occasionally, and have had the odd business dealing or two where my real estate clients have been looking for property management options. 

Foreigners have come and gone in Dalmatia in the last ten years, and there are very few left from the orginal crew. The fortunes of many have been dependent on the real estate market, and so many have gone home after the new reality after the global economic crisis. 

Not Alison. She has stuck it out, and applying her exceptional organisational skills and that sheer determination, she has not only established an office on Brac, but also one in Trogir which covers the Dalmatian coast as far down as Brela. 

The one thing I have noticed over the years in conversations with people on the subject of property management is just how respected her company, Dalmatia Property Management, has become in the very tricky world of property rental law and property maintenance. 

We met for a beer last night at the end of a very long day of meetings, and it was heartening not only to see one of the early survivors doing so well, but also to listen to a true professional in action. Rental laws are constantly changing, and the only way to stay on top of it is to thoroughly research the laws yourself. Many accountants and lawyers simply do not keep on top of the changes, and their advice can be dated. 

If there is a loophole in the law, or a way to find a permit, or if you are looking for the very latest infomation, Alison will have it.

So if you are looking for property management, from rental licences to meet, greet and maintenance, check out one of the most professional services in Dalamtia.

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