As with many things in Croatia, buying a ferry ticket from Split to the islands of Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Solta and Vis is not as easy as it could (or should) be. In this modern Internet age, it is still not possible to buy tickets online.

That would not be so bad if you could pop down to the ticket office just before departure and buy a ticket. The catamarans tend to sell out well before departure in peak season, especially to top destinations such as Hvar Town. This problem was compounded by the fact that tickets were not available on the day of travel to Hvar at times last August, and the town's mayor negotiated another catamaran line through Krilo for the 24 days of peak season. 

We are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with local agencies and will be offering a ticket-buying service for you from May, which you can pay for online prior to travel and either collect before boarding, or have delivered to your accommodation (central Split only - full details shortly). 

The only other tip we can offer - apart from buy early! - is that some very popular destinations such as the catamarans to Bol on Brac and Hvar Town sell out, but it IS still possible to get on the boat. How?

Bol continues to Jelsa and Hvar Town to Vela Luka and both boats have ticket allocations to these less popular destinations, which do not sell out as quickly, so if you hear that Bol and Hvar Town are full, ask for a ticket to Jelsa or Vela Luka instead. It may cost you more than you budgeted for, but it will get you to the  beach quicker...


International tickets can be bought online via Jadrolinija's website, and there are three Jadrolinija sales booths (which also sell Krilo tickets). The photo at the top gives you an overview of the connectivity of the transport system, with train and bus stations opposite the ferry terminal. And this map is a useful guide to where to find tickets. 

The first booth is on the bend as the road passes the palace and hits the waterfornt; the second on the dock protruding at the centre of the harbour; and the  third furhter down in the main terminal building (you will see a big sign for Imperium on the top floor). Blue Line, which also has ferries to Ancona, also has a ticket office in the main building. 

The catamarans usually go from the top of the harbour, as in this map - turn right at F Caffe - although they are sometimes switched, as at the Croatia Boat Show for example. Payment by credit card is acceptable.

In times of bad weather, the catamarans sometimes do not go, and a judgement call is often taken at 13:00, so either check with the ticket office, or speak to the English-speaking staff on +385-21-338333 for the latest information and timetables. 

For more information on ferry timetables, check out our ferries page